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The pointless shit i do enjoy xD


Five things about me
1. My name is Dakota.
2. I like science.
3. I play drums.
4. I like to play Vidya Games.
5. I don't like emotions.

BreenBeans's questions:
1. How many languages do you know?
I can speak in Norwegian and shit. xD
2. Are you or either of your parents immigrants?
I am an Immigrant and so was my Mother.
3. Can you name any exoplanets?
Nope I do not, why is this underlined?
4. Do you play Team Fortress 2?
I find it boring as balls xD
5. Are you a nerd?
That depends on your definition of the word nerd.
6. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Your face?
7. favorite mode of transportation?
My car.
8. what is the most obscure song you know?
I know a lot.
9. What superpowers would you find most helpful to you and why?
Shapeshifter. so I could be what I was born too be.
10. Favorite YouTuber?
JackSepticEye, he is like PewDiePie, before he became shit.

My questions:
1. What is your favorite thing to draw?
Wolf heads.
2. Who are your inspirations for art?
I have no idea.
3. Do you play any instruments?
Yes I do, and you know what they are so I shall not list them xD I'm Lazy!
4. Are you still in school?
No, thank god.
5. What is/was your favorite subject?
6. Would you consider yourself to be a sensible person?
I can be.
7. Who do you get along with best?
A few people they all know who they are.
8. Is there anyone you would die for?
Rin, Ross, TJ, Grape Ummmm. Not sure about anyone else.
9. What is your favorite genre of music?
16 and 8Bit goodness!
10. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
Wolf, and if I could be a Pokemon, I'd be an Arcanine.

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Detective-Shep Featured By Owner Edited Jul 1, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist



Guess what?

I'm Your Stalker -remake- by Katttty920

Also I just saw the "*FOR A CERTAIN STALKER NOT THE GOOD KIND THE IRRITATING KIND*" thing on your page and I swear I am the good kind xD

I hope

This message is long and annoying.
You can hide it if you wish. xD
BaIto Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That stalker thing is litteraly from years back, you're fine do not even worry about it xDD
Detective-Shep Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yoooo xD
Dakota and Roswell Linked Icons [G] by SCIENTlST
I made you another thing. xD
How are you?
BaIto Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is there anyway you could resize it for me? My Photoshop is being a butt so DeviantArt isn't letting me use it D: And not the best not the worst, you? .3.
Detective-Shep Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I can do that. C:
I've been pretty good, just tired. What's up?
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